Inner Harmony Therapy

Harmony is not something you find,
it is something you create.


About me

My story is colorful and long. It is full of challenges, determination, support and miracles. 

Over a decade ago I became a Spiritual Response Therapy practitioner and Reiki Master. In 2014 I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach. I love working with all three modalities, which brought me to create Inner Harmony Therapy. I am your guide. We will work together to develop the strength needed to connect with yourself. 

Love and light,


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I have always found it difficult to find balance in my life because I never made my well being a priority. Even when I tried, it would always be short term and I’d find myself in a worse place over and over again. I knew Martina while she was studying and building her profession in Reiki so naturally I became curious. I found myself recently struggling with my internal battles to the point where my body felt “toxic”. I was in constant physical pain, frustrated with things I used to love, and tired because my mind would race at night so I said enough was enough. I contacted Martina right away and explained to her my situation. She welcomed me with kindness, patience, and support from the very start. Her focus was always 100% on me and in the moment. I’m never one to meditate, but I found myself in a state of pure relaxation during our sessions and feeling so in touch with myself afterwards. I received guidance, messages which I have taken to heart, and tools that I have been able to use to live a more balanced life. Martina’s energy was always so positive and uplifting. She made our sessions extremely accessible with giving me the option to have it in my own home or in her space. With our busy lifestyles having the option was such a relief and encouraged me to keep pushing forward in my self care when normally I would push myself aside.

I would 100% recommend Martina’s service because not only is Martina passionate about what she does, but she brings the genuine passion to help others in every aspect of the experience.

Kristy M. (April 2020)


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