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I welcome you to my website. My name is Martina Vantuchova. I was born in Czech Republic and now I have lived in Canada for over twenty years. I'm a mother to a wonderful daughter, partner to my amazing man, passionate woman, and Gemini.

I started my spiritual journey before I came to Canada. Once I was here I decided to move away from accounting and go my own way. I learned Reiki, Bio-energy Therapy, and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). When I was working with these modalities my clients had many questions related to how they feel, what is bothering them physically, emotionally, and physically. So many stories and questions. I decided to go back to school and learn the answers (PS: I don’t have all the answers tho). I have a certificate from the American College of Healthcare Sciences in Nutrition, Bodycare, and Herbalism.  Then I got a certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach.

I’m not here to save you and help you to feel better. I’m not a savior. I am your guide in finding your Inner Harmony and a life filled with abundance. I always perceive people's lives and destinies in the bigger picture without judgment. When you understand what are the blocks and contexts in your story, you are able to have better orientation in your life.


My own life was/is full of good/bad surprises. What I learned is that there are many ways to get to where I wanna be and it’s only my choice, my free will to go the way I want. I am the conscious creator of my life. Furthermore, I believe that if we focus on what we wanna create and put our energy and mind into it, the Universe will be connected to make it happen. When we open our hearts and respect ourselves and others, the whole world will be full of new opportunities.  

Looking forward to meeting with you in person or remotely.


With Love & Light,



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I would 100% recommend Martina’s services, not only is Martina a professional, she has a genuine passion to help others in every aspect of the experience.


Kristy M. (April 2020)

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